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Vidikron To Unveil Value Projectors

Vidikron will unveil a pair of high-definition 720p DLP front projectors offering consumers an unusual combination of high performance and value, the company said.

Vidikron will debut its Vision Model 30 ($6,995 suggested retail) and Model 50 ($9,995) projectors, which are both billed as “fully customizable” high-definition video projectors. Both will ship to dealers in September.

“The Vision Model 30 and Model 50 are perfect examples of how Vidikron is drawing the line between high performance and merely high definition,” said Jim McGall, Vidikron sales and marketing VP. “The performance and value these projectors offer can’t be found anywhere else, and give our dealers the ability to introduce the full-fledged Vidikron experience to a whole new range of customers.”

The projectors feature a new look in cabinet design and incorporate Vidikron’s exclusive Imagix digital video processing, which delivers high quality images from any video source while scaling all incoming signals to the projectors’ native 1,280 by 720 pixel resolution.

Users can also select an extended throw lens option on the Model 30, enabling installation at a greater distance from the screen.

Both models also feature Vidikron’s DVSI DualV Stage Illumination system, which optimizes black-and-white levels for the best balance between brightness and contrast ratio in a wide variety of viewing environments. The feature also provides for two lamp output settings, extending lamp life and matching up perfectly to a wide variety of screens.

The Model 50 includes power zoom and focus controls to simplify installation offer greater end-user control. The Model 50’s also incorporates Vidikron’s exclusive V2 aperture control and electronically controlled iris system. A vertical electronic lens shift function is also included.