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Verizon Offers 4G LTE Broadband Router With Voice

New York — Verizon Wireless has introduced a 4G LTE broadband router with voice, which is said to combine voice and data connectivity over the carrier’s networks in one package.

There are three monthly plans to choose from: voice only ($20), data only ($20), or voice and data ($30), when added to a Share Everything Plan. Customers have the flexibility to move among the three different plans at any time, the carrier said.

Verizon noted that consumers can keep their home phone and port it over to the router. When power goes out, the home phone will maintain its signal, consumers won’t miss calls when going on vacation.

The device is available starting today online and in stores for $29.99 when purchased with the voice and data plan, or $49.99 when purchased with a voice plan or a data plan. Both require a new two-year activation. As a limited time promotion through the end of September, customers selecting the voice and data plan can receive the router for free with a new two-year activation fee.