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Verizon, AT&T Ready New 4G iPad For March 16

New York – Verizon
Wireless and AT&T plan to offer the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G in all three memory
capacities through their retail stores and other direct channels beginning
March 16.

The new iPad’s
data plans will be the same as those offered by the carriers for the iPad 2.
Verizon also said it will enable the new iPad’s mobile hot spot feature and its
ability to roam in international 4G HSPA+ markets. With the iPad 2, neither
Verizon nor AT&T enabled the hot spot feature.

Versions of the
new iPad are not available for the Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

The new iPad was

last week


AT&T also said
it would also carry the cellular-equipped 16GB iPad 2 at $529, repriced by
Apple from $629. Verizon’s plans for the repriced 16GB iPad 2 were unavailable.

For both carriers,
the new cellular-equipped iPad will retail for $629, $729 and $829 in 16GB,
32GB and 64GB capacities, respectively. Verizon’s data plans for iPads and
other tablets are no-contract plans priced at $30, $50 and $80/month for 2GB,
5GB and 10GB of data, respectively. Those prices include the hot spot
capability to connect up to five other devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB to
Verizon’s cellular network.

AT&T’s data
plans for the iPad and other tablets are offered without contract for $14.99/250MB,
$30/3GB and $50/5GB.

For global data
roaming, Verizon’s charges start at $30/month for coverage in more than 205