Verizon Adds Outdoor GPS


Basking Ridge, N.J. — Outdoor GPS for hikers and sports enthusiasts will be available on some Verizon Wireless cellular phones though Trimble.

Trimble’s Outdoors application provides off-road navigation and a digital compass for  those fishing, hunting or hiking.

The software lets users set waypoints for their trip from their home PC and send them to their phone for use on their trip. It also provides en route maps, route tracking with a GPS “breadcrumb trail” and setting waypoints along one’s path.

With Verizon cellphones, users can take pictures with the phone’s built-in camera and geo-tag the photos with the location.

Trimble Outdoors is available on more than two dozen GPS-capable Verizon phones, including the G’zOne Type-S, G’zOne Boulder, Motorola Adventure V750, LG Decoy and Samsung SCH-u550. The fee is $5.99/month or $1.99 for a one-day purchase.


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