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VEFXi Offers $100 Discount On 3D-Bee Box

North Plains, Ore. – VEFXi, developers of 2D to 3D conversion technologies, said Friday that it is offering special holiday pricing on its 3D-Bee Diamond 2D-to-3D converter box.

The company is offering the 3D-Bee Diamond for $399 ($100 discount off the regular price) through the VEFXi online store at from December 15-24.

The 3D-Bee Diamond device gives converts 2D material to 3D, giving the viewer the ability to control the range of depth in the effect.

VEFXi is marketing the device to sports fans, gamers and 3D enthusiasts looking for greater levels of flexibility and control over 3D visuals.

The device is said to make possible “3D that feels natural,” or, conversely, to exaggerate the effect to make objects pop out farther from the screen.