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Varied Digital TV Offerings From Zenith For 2001

CHICAGO — While Zenith initially introduced of its 2001 digital products at CES in January, that was more of a spring training lineup. Retailers at last week’s dealer preview, here, saw the opening day lineup. Here are some of the featured digital TV products in each category, with all tags being minimum advertised prices and shipments set for the summer unless noted otherwise:

Plasma display panel TV: The DPDP602 is a 60-inch widescreen HDTV, with 1280 by 720 resolution and built-in HD, NTSC, VGA, SVGA and XGA video and digital input sources. Images can be resized from 16:9 to 4:3. It is priced at $27,999.95. There is a 40-inch version priced at $6,999.

LCD Direct View TV (4:3): The ZLD151A1 is a 20-inch EDTV monitor which contains an integrated NTSC tuner. Available this month it is priced at $1,299.95.

LCD Rear Projection TV: The D60WLCD offers VGA to XGA resolution of 1280 by 720p. It is priced at $7,999.95.

CRT Rear Projection HDTV: Three widescreen integrated HDTVs in 64-, 61- and 56-inch models incorporate an all-format ATSC DTV reciever and high-performance NTSC analog tuners, Gemstar’s GuidePlus+ Gold format guide and ATSC/NTSC picture in picture. The 61-inch unit, IQD61W35 will ship around October and is priced at $5999.95. The other two are already shipping.

CRT Widescreen Rear Projection HDTV: There are four in the line, two 61-inch, one 56-inch and one 65-inch, accept HDTV inputs and display 1080I images.. The latter, D65W25, features 7-inch CRTs, component video inputs is priced at $3,999.95

Flat Screen Direct-View CRT HDTV Monitors: There are three in the Zenith Multimedia Series, in 27-, 32- and 36-inch screen sizes, and three in the same sizes for the “51 Series.” The 4:3 Multimedia units feature 480p line doubler, 600p SVGA, and 1080I resolution display, and come complete with 31 total jacks.Prices range from $1,299.95 to $2,299.95.

The three “51 Series” HDTV monitors also feature 480p line doubler, 600p SVGA and 1080I resolution display. Prices will range from $999.95 to $1,999.95.

DLP Front Projector: The DXG-210 features “lightness and brightness, ” Zenith said, weighing 9.9 pounds and offering 1000 ANSI Lumens of light. Priced at $9,999.95, it projects images from 40 to 200 inches and can handle 4:3 and 16:9.

Digital Set-Top Box: The DTV1080, priced at $799.95, features DirecTv, switchable component outputs for 1080I, 720p and 480i/p displays and 16:9 or 4:3 ratio correction.