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Unwired Bows IR Headphones

Unwired Technology has turned to a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to make dual-input IR headphones small enough to feature the company’s fold-flat design.

With durable hinges, the vehicle-targeted R2H-D22F29 can be folded for storage in seat-back pockets and other vehicle compartments. The $69.99-suggested headphones make their debut here at Booth 2628 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Unwired’s proprietary ASIC shrinks the circuitry for dual-channel IR headphones while increasing reliability and strength, the company said. The ASIC effectively eliminates 80 percent of the components previously needed to produce two-source headphones and delivers a space-efficient unit weighing only 4 ounces and having a 1-inch profile when closed.

In addition, with fewer components required for production, costs go down. Cost is critical for Unwired’s automaker customers, and “several major automakers are committed to Unwired’s ASIC-powered dual-channel headphones for significant programs in North America and Europe for model year 2007 vehicles,” the company said.

“Our new ASIC-based headphone underscores our ongoing commitment to serve the needs of the leading OEMs as the mobile entertainment business continues to grow and evolve,” said Unwired president Lawrence Richenstein. “The R2H-D22F29 unit offers our customers the highest quality, most durable product with all the most convenient features to suit consumers’ active lifestyles.”

The Plainview, N.Y., company has delivered 10 million headphones to the automotive market worldwide and calls itself the world’s largest supplier of wireless headphones for automotive use under multiple brand names. Other technologies offered by the company include the WhiteFire Digital Wireless format, which enables four stereo or eight monaural channels of entertainment to be transmitted simultaneously to listeners.