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Universal Remote Features Kameleon Technology

Cypress, Calif. – Universal Electronics has unveiled the commercial availability of Kameleon, a remote control display technology that illuminates only active device keys through an intuitive, graphical interface for superior control of home entertainment equipment.

Devices powered by Kameleon, such as Universal Electronics’ One For All remote, available currently only in Europe, will offer consumers state-of-the-art, wireless, handheld control that is said to enhance the consumer experience of home A/V control at a fraction of the cost of comparable LCD units.

RadioShack has picked up the technology for a 6-in-One universal remote sold in selected stores under the Kameleon brand. Suggested retail for the remote, which allows users to operate up to six entertainment or home automation devices through one graphical interface, is $59. Availability is the end of November.

Kameleon display technology enhances any OEM product with a wireless control interface that provides unmatched ease of use for consumers. The customizable graphical interface allows for intuitive interaction, utilizing key animation to provide visual feedback of functions, such as mode indication, control commands and programming status.

By illuminating only the active keys for a specific device, while hiding inactive functions, Kameleon supports high density key layouts without key clutter or confusion for the consumer. Combined with a vivid, bright display and tactile feedback, Kameleon delivers a high end, yet cost effective control solution that empowers users with the ability to connect, control and interact with their increasingly complex home electronics environment.

For example, when users watch television, they will only see and be able to send TV-specific commands, such as channel or picture-in-picture selections. When users switch activities and begin to watch a movie instead, keys such as Play, Fast Forward and Stop are displayed, so users can control a DVD player.

At the same time, Universal Electronics has been selected by Kenwood to be the exclusive distributor in the United States and Europe of all universal wireless controllers for Kenwood’s new home audio product line. Included in the line will be controllers powered by Kameleon.