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Uncle Milton Unveils Pet Camera, Motion Sensing Robot, More

Uncle Milton is bringing a wide variety of “science and exploration toys” to market this year. Many of its new wares will be on display at the 2008 American International Toy Fair, taking place in New York next week.

Among the highlights of the company’s new offerings is the Pet’s Eye View Camera targeted at children ages 6 and up who may have a curiosity about how their dog or cat views the world. The camera attaches around the pet’s neck and features a self-timer that can be set to take a picture every one, five or 15 minutes. The pet’s owner can later upload the pictures to a PC via an included USB cord. The camera will carry a suggested retail of $49.99.

Also new from the toymaker is the Robot In My Room. According to Uncle Milton, the motion-sensing robot is capable of guarding a bedroom and one’s change (via a built-in coin slot that can count money out loud) from intrusive younger siblings. It will be available at a suggested $39.99.

The company is also unveiling a collection of telescopes and microscopes this year. The StarScope Telescope, for kids age 8 and up, features 38x and 103x magnification. Included Stellarium software helps a user find the celestial body they want to see and gives them the coordinates they’ll need to focus the telescope on the desired object. It carries a suggested retail of $199.

On a similar note, the Night Sky Navigator, aimed at kids age 6 and up, is also said to help the user find stars and constellations. It’s being offered as a device that could be handy when camping or scouting. Once the user sets the device to the current date and time, it is said to show “the actual star positions based on stellar maps.” It is also said to display outlines of the constellation and it includes a compass for orientation. The device carries a suggested retail of $39.99.

Finally,The MegaView TV Microscope magnifies an image up to 200x and connects to a TV so that the magnified object can be viewed on the screen. It also comes with a stand so it can be used as a regular 30x microscope as well. It is intended for children ages 6 and up and will be available at a suggested $49.99.