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Ultimate Integration Opens New Showroom In N.J.

Clifton, N.J. — Ultimate Integration, a distributor of CE, security and IT lines for custom installers, opened its new showroom and warehouse, here, by welcoming suppliers and customers to the facility on Tuesday.

Alan Malowitz, sales director and CE distribution veteran; Matthew Weil, sales manager; and Patrick Berna, operations manager, said the company, which joined the PowerHouse Alliance in January, has upward of 300,000 square feet at the facility.

“By joining PowerHouse we have access to 24 lines, and since we joined [the group] in January we have added 15 to 16 lines,” Malowitz said.

The distributor serves New Jersey, New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and parts of Maryland. Berna said, “We have union drivers and can deliver to integrators at job sites or their businesses.”

Malowitz and Berna said the distributor has expansion plans: Two years from now it is targeting a facility in Long Island and two years after that central New Jersey.

And business has been good, according to Malowitz. “Sales have gone up 14-fold monthly since January.”

The distributor has suppliers such as LG Electronics, Polk Audio, Peerless, WyreStorm, SunBrite TV, JVC Professional, Soundcast, RTI, URC, Arlington, DW-Digital Watchdog, Sanus Systems and Chief.

Ultimate is carrying the LG 84-inch Ultra High-Definition TV. Berna noted, “When we ship it to a customer in our own trucks, we go along to make sure it gets there safely, and we open the product for them.”

When asked what impact such an upscale product may have on its business, Malowitz said, “It gives our customers a good, profitable product to sell … and it is a showpiece.”

Malowitz, who spent about a decade and a half each at M. Rothman and Cardinal, is bullish on the new company. “I think this will be the greatest success in my career.”

He added that with Berna and Weil, “we do not have a large corporate structure. We can make decisions and really service our customers quickly and efficiently.”