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Two Groups Ink Pact To Promote NFC On SD Cards

San Ramon, Calif. –– The SD Association (SDA) and the NFC Forum have signed a formal memorandum of understanding to promote NFC capabilities in SmartSD memory cards for such uses as secure mobile payments and identity verification via a portable device.

The SDA published a new spec last June that added the Single Wire Protocol as an embedded secure element to enable NFC authorizations, essentially smoothing the way for smartphones, or any device with an SD slot, to eventually replace physical credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons and legal ID cards, among others. The new pact is meant to speed market adoption of the technology.

The groups will work together to educate the market and promote adoption of NFC in SmartSD memory cards through workshops for target vertical markets, white papers, case studies, consumer research, webcasts and hosted events or trade shows.

“The NFC Forum is committed to making NFC accessible to more consumers and providing them with greater freedom of choice,” said Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum chairman. “This collaboration furthers these goals, enabling us to join together with the SDA to inform and inspire businesses to develop and deliver new and exciting products and services for consumers worldwide.”

“The NFC Forum has created a powerful and intuitive communication method, and when we leverage the high consumer awareness, value and use of SD memory cards, more businesses and consumers will reap the benefits,” said Brian Kumagai, president of the SDA. “Together NFC and SD will add ease and convenience to the daily lives of people everywhere and provide new business opportunities to content and service providers.”

A video explaining the consumer applications of NFC-enabled SD cards, as well as the published spec and other educational information, can be found on the SDA’s website.