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CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta - A wide variety of new flat-panel mount systems and TV placement accessories are on display at CEDIA Expo this week, as vendors try to appeal to consumers - with feature-rich designs -and installers - with ever simpler mounting methods and hardware.

Here are some highlight:

Premier Mounts (booth 1642) has teamed up with U.K.-based Future Automations to offer its first line of motorized TV and projector mounts, dubbed the Premier Power line.

"We're combining our industry expertise in mounting with Future Automation's expertise in motorized products to develop unique and specialized automated products for North America," said Len Dozier, founder and president of Premier Mounts. "In addition to universal product solutions, we'll tap into Future Automation's capabilities to develop custom projector and flat-panel mount solutions."

According to Dozier, the Premier Power Line, currently in development and scheduled for launch in early 2010, will focus on addressing consumers' most common frustrations about electronic lifestyle installations: keeping technology out of sight, yet accessible.

Focusing on developing solutions for the Pro A/V, OEM and vertical market segments, such as hospitality, retail and education, the first products in the Premier Power line include two motorized projector mount systems (models PWR-MDP1 and PWR-MDP3) that fit snug within an enclosed housing unit that can be installed within any ceiling structure. The automated lifts include integrated universal mounting points and are available in two sizes to accommodate projectors up to 110 pounds.

Features include outputs for third-party A/V equipment and integrated cable management.

Remote-controlled operation drops the projector up to 28 inches from the ceiling and also controls tilting.

Also being offered is the motorized remote-controlled universal Swingout Arm (PWR-3765S) featuring 90 degrees of extension with what the company described as smooth action and variable speed.

Chief Manufacturing (booth 1154) is displaying its previously announced model-specific custom versions of the company's Fusion low-profile, universal TV mounts.

The custom fixed and tilt mounts ship with hardware kits that are designed for specific TV models, eliminating wasteful excess hardware that is otherwise thrown away. Chief is also making available kits that bundle the Fusion mounts with a flat-panel power filter that provides noise filtering and surge protection up to 1,890 joules.

Also on display will be Chief's Mini Elite projector mount (model RSMA), a miniature version of the company's popular RPA Elite projector mount but designed for the smaller-form-factor projectors hitting the market recently.

The mini mount features a newly designed universal projector interface bracket with lamp and filter access, allowing faster installation and servicing of the projector, the company said.

At almost half the size of the original Elite mount, the mini mount includes MicroZone adjustability for precise registration, Centris fingertip positioning and Q-Lock keyed locking. The Mini RPA Elite maintains registration when disconnected, has integrated cable management and supports projectors up to 25 pounds.

Chief is also offering a Mini RPA (model RSA) projector mount, which is a miniature version of the company's RPA mount series. The Mini RPA includes a new universal interface bracket and features independent roll, pitch and yaw as well as quick projector connect/disconnect. This mount also supports projectors up to 25 pounds.

On display at CEDIA from Draper (booth 1125) are the company's first motorized lifts for flat panels.

Draper's Flat Screen Lift handles displays up to 65 inches, while adding less than 5 inches to the overall depth. The lift can be built into custom cabinetry to allow the display to pop up into a home theater, conference room or boardroom. The lift design does not restrict the width of the display or any accessories that could be used with the display.

Three sizes are available, with each able to open to a height roughly 2.5 times the height of the display.

The lifts also feature a "creep" mode to prevent vibration during operation, as well as power-surge line overload protection.

They will retail for $3,325 to $3,825, depending on lift size and control options.

Draper will also show its range of Conceal/Reveal products designed to hide projectors, projection screens and flat panels when not in use, as well as its Fine Art for Flatscreens line of custom-woven tapestries to conceal wall-mounted panels.

OmniMount (booth #2337) is displaying an expansion of its environmentally-conscious OmniLite series. Two cantilever mounts, the OL50C and OL125C, have been added to the the line which also includes fixed and tilt models.

The OL50C fits flat panels from 13 to 32 inches and support up to 50 pounds, while the OL125C accomodates 23-inch to 45-inch panels up to 125 pounds. Both single-stud mounts pan, swivel and tilt (-5 to +15 degrees) for maximum viewing flexibility and feature a cable management solution and Lift n' Lock technology to simplify installations for installers.

The OmniLite series reduce waste with condensed packaging and streamlined hardware kits. Manuals and installation templates for each product are printed on the inside of the box eliminating the need for unnecessary paper. The line also utilizes 100 percent recyclable internal packaging with no plastic bags, post-consumer recyclable outer box material and non-petroleum-based ink for all package printing.

The line is engineered specifically to reduce the amount of material by 32 percent while increasing each mount's overall weight capacity by 56 percent, in comparison to current competitive models.

The OL50C and OL125C have suggested retail prices of $59.95 and $149.95, respectively, and are available now.

Omnimount has also added a fresh spin to it Classic series, with the retooled New Classic line of fixed, tilt and cantilever mounts. The line boasts improved functionality and a new, clean look, according to Omnimount.

The New Classic series consists of two fixed (NC80F, NC200F), two tilt (NC80T, NC200T) and five cantilever (NC30C, NC80C, NC100C, NC125C, NC200C) mounts. The line adds frictionless Delrin washers at every joint in four of the five cantilevers for smoother movement. An improved locking system better secures the panel to the mount and provides easier behind-the-panel access, according to the company. The series also features low mounting profiles, as well as single stud, four-point solid wall and double stud mounting, depending on the mount.

The series' fixed and tilt mounts offer a space-saving footprint that uses less material and universal rails provide greater flat-panel compatibility. Rail hooks are padded to avoid metal-on-metal contact and reduce vibrations. Enhancing the new design, end caps cover locking hardware for a cleaner side view. The NC80F and NC80T accommodate most flat panels from 23 to 42 inches and up to 80 pounds, while the NC200F and NC200T fits most flat panels from 37 to 63 inches and up to 200 pounds.

The five cantilever mounts feature a patent-pending four-bar tilt mechanism to ease adjustment and extruded aluminum arms for maximum support. Streamlined arms are designed to nest for a compact mounting profile. Each cantilever in the line tilts, pans and swivels -5 degrees to 15 degrees for optimal viewing and glare reduction.

The New Classic line is available now. Pricing for the fixed and tilt mounts have not yet been announced.

The NC30C, NC80C, NC100C, NC125C and NC200C have suggested retail prices of $79.95, $179, $199, $299 and $349, respectively.

Sanus Systems (booth 2458) is showing the most recent additions to the company's Vertical series of "on-wall furniture."

Now shipping are the VF2012 and VF2022 on-wall A/V stands designed to be used in combination with the company's TV wall mounts for a complete home theater setup.

Vertical-series stands simplify installation with quick-release mounting brackets that attach to wall studs using included hardware.

Models VF2012 and VF2022 feature ProSet technology, which offers a full inch of post-installation height adjustment and leveling; cable management, and two height-adjustable, tempered-glass shelves to fit any size component.

The VF2012 features two cable-management channels and two shelves, each which holds one components up to 50 pounds on each shelf. The VF2022 features four cable-management channels and two shelves that hold two components each up to 75 pounds per shelf.

Both models are available in black. The VF2012 retails for $169, and the VF2022 retails for $299.

"A lot of people mount their TVs and speakers on the wall; now with the Vertical-series products, components can match the low-profile aesthetic of a wall-mounted TV," said Dominic Grey, product development manager. "The Vertical series is a practical solution that supplements traditional furniture and complements any home decor."

In addition, Sanus has expanded to include such new categories as the Super Slim line of low-profile mounts, with clearances starting at 0.55 inches from the wall; the Sanus HDpro series, a hand-picked selection of products designed specifically for custom-installation professionals; new A/V equipment racks; and the Sanus Elements line of 1.3b HDMI cables.


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