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Turtle Beach Partners With Activision

Elmsford, N.Y. – Turtle
Beach said it has partnered with Activision for a line of Call of Duty: Modern
Warfare 3-licensed headsets.

The headsets will
consist of four models – Ear Force Delta, Ear Force Bravo, EarForce Foxtrot and
Ear Force Charlie – all of which will be compatible with the PC, Xbox 360 and
PlayStation 3.

The top of the line headset,
the Ear Force Delta (EFD), is based off of Turtle Beach’s PX5 headset, a
company spokesman told TWICE. It’s loaded with custom presets and voice
prompts, and users can create their own custom presets using the company’s
software. The Delta also features 7.1 surround sound. Suggestd retail is $299.  

The next step down is
the Bravo ($179), which is based off of Turtle Beach’s PX3. Users can change
out the presets, but they cannot create their own. It also does not have 7.1
surround sound.

Both the Delta and the
Bravo are wireless models.

The Charlie ($129)
features eight “acoustically angled speakers,” while the Foxtrot is the
entry-level model at $99.95.

All of the headsets will
come with custom skins, custom boxes and custom artwork, Turtle Beach said.
They will ship in the beginning of October; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is
scheduled to release on Nov. 8.