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Turnkey Marketing Program Aimed At Custom Installers

Laguna Niguel, Calif. – Marketing consultant Eclipse Marketing has developed a turnkey marketing program for time-starved custom installers.

Eclipse designed its Dealer Development Program to help small installers and dealers market themselves to local consumers, builders, architects, and interior designers, said Eclipse president Leslie Stevens. Marketing programs designed by trade associations and buying groups for independent installers and retailers provide literature and advertising flyers on a turnkey basis ‘but not a marketing plan, execution or consultation,’ Stevens maintained. ‘We do all the strategic and tactical execution.’

‘Some dealers do it themselves or farm out on a project by project basis, but with us, you get a coordinated marketing campaign,’ she noted. A coordinated campaign is need in today’s custom market, she said, because ‘installers must actively pursue customers.’ Before, she said, ‘business fell into their laps.’

To help drive down costs for installers, Eclipse provides program ‘templates from which individual dealers can choose their own specifics,’ Stevens said. The marketing programs are designed to last four months but can be extended to eight months.

Each of three programs include brochures, presentation folders, direct-mail campaigns, press campaigns, consultation, and an ad campaign (although ad-space buying is an additional expense). Prices range from $11,400 to $14,500, including fees for design, production, stock photography, printing, postage, mailing lists, shipping, and printing. Eclipse will also work with suppliers to secure funding for literature and ads.

The $11,500 campaign targeting homeowners includes 1,000 eight-page color brochures, 5,000 direct-mail postcards (including labeling, postage and use of mailing lists), 500 color presentation folders, development of an ad campaign, design of an ad, and monthly updates.

A step-up $14,500 program targeting homeowners increases brochure size to 12 pages and the direct-mail piece to a trifold instead of a post card.

A $12,500 targets builders, interior designers and architects. It includes three borchures, one of which is targeted to builders. Another can be used by the builder as a sales tool to inform homebuyers that a home has been prewired for various custom systems. And a third brochure is targeted to architects and interior designers. The package also includes 500 trifold direct-mail pieces, 500 presentation folders, and public relations and ad campaigns.