Triad Speakers Broadens Its Bass Base

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Portland, Ore. - Triad Speakers shipped its most affordable in-room subwoofers to date following the recent launch of DSP-equipped subs.

Three OmniSub-series compact powered subs were developed as "cost-efficient, yet high-performing" powered subs for smaller rooms, including bedrooms, to "broaden our reach in the marketplace," said sales and marketing director Paul Scarpelli.

The series, targeted to the custom-A/V channel, consists of the Mini, Bronze and Silver at suggested retails of $500, $650 and $800, respectively. The subs use BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) amplifier technology to deliver "the sound quality of traditional Class AB amplifiers but with the efficiency and low heat of Class D amplifiers," he noted.

The Mini features long-excursion 8-inch driver and a 200-watt amp. The Bronze uses a 10-inch driver and 300-watt amp, and the Silver features 12-inch driver and 500-watt amp. All enclosures are heavily braced and acoustically inert, he said.

The subs join Triad subs priced from a suggested $1,000 to $2,750.


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