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Triad Readies Its Broadest Product Launch

Portland, Ore. — Triad said its first new subwoofer line in eight years represents the broadest product launch in the company’s 27-year history and marks the introduction of the company’s first DSP-equipped subs.

The 10 in-room, two in-ceiling and two in-wall powered subs, shipping in May, are the company’s first powered subs equipped with DSP to fine-tune response in a customer’s home.

Triad is “combining new amplifiers with new enclosures, new drivers and DSP to substantially strengthen our subwoofer offerings,” said Larry Pexton, Triad founder and president. The amps use BASH technology to deliver Class AB performance with near Class D efficiency, the company said.

Outboard and onboard rack-style amps incorporate the DSP circuitry. The amps ship with included microphone that technicians or installers would use to measure low-frequency response in a room. The DSP circuitry then automatically corrects for three frequency peaks to minimize response problems caused by subwoofer placement and a room’s acoustics, said sales and marketing director Paul Scarpelli. Via connected PC, dealers can manually compensate for the three peaks and use six additional filters to further fine tune in-room performance, he said.

Five in-room subs are available in two versions: one with built-in DSP amplifier and the other with an outboard component-style DSP amp with the same performance. The in-room subs with built-in amps are the 8-inch 300-watt InRoom Mini at $1,000, the 10-inch 300-watt InRoom Bronze at $1,250, the 12-inch 500-watt InRoom Silver at $1,650, the 15-inch 1,000-watt Gold at $2,250 and the 18-inch 1,000-watt Platinum at $2,500. The versions with external amps are priced $250 more

The InRoom models pick up the sculpted styling lines of the recently redesigned InRoom Omni SE speakers. They feature paintable metal grilles, and they’re available in all of Triad’s veneer and paint options, including custom paint matching.

The in-wall and in-ceiling subs work with outboard amps called DSP RackAmps. The in-ceiling models include the 8-inch InCeiling Mini/8 Sub, which can be used alone or in pairs with the 300-watt RackAmp 300 DSP or the 500-watt version. Suggested retails range from $1,300 to $2,000 depending on configuration. The other in-ceiling sub is the 10-inch InCeiling Bronze/10 Sub at a suggested $1,500.

The in-wall subs include the InWall SlimSub/4, whose 4-inch-deep sealed enclosure and flush grille enables installation in a standard 4-inch-stud-depth wall without protruding into the room. It features 10-inch driver whose 8-ohm impedance allows for two to be used with either the 300- or 500-watt amplifier, Scarpelli said. Suggested retails for the packages range from $1,300 to $2,000.

The InWall Silver/15 Subfeatures 15-inch-deep enclosure and12-inch woofer to fit into more wall spaces than its predecessor. It ships with RackAmp 500 DSP at $1,900.