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Toshiba Unveils 4K Retail End Cap, Blu-Ray Player

CE Week New York – Toshiba will roll out a special retail end cap as part of its 4K Ultra High-Definition TV promotional efforts later this summer.

Scott Ramirez, Toshiba’s product marketing and development VP, digital products division, said the end cap will be offered to retailers that have a sales person who can help explain the new technology to customers.

The end cap will feature a Toshiba L9300-series 4K TV plus a new Blu-ray player with 4K up-scaling and the new SBX 5065 soundbar, Ramirez said.

Consumers need 4K explained to them and a demo that will show them what the technology can deliver. The end cap will include seven built-in 4K demos that will run off the connected BDX-6400 Blu-ray player.

The BDX-6400 Blu-ray drive, shipping in August at $299, features Toshiba’s UDE 4K up-scaling engine and a two-stage picture quality-enhancement system. It is 4K Technicolor certified.

The first stage turns content into what Ramirez called “superior 1,080p” or the best possible image that can be obtained from the source signal. The second stage up-scales the signal to 4K. However, since Toshiba 4K TVs already come with built-in 4K up-scaling technology, the second stage will only kick in when the BDX-6400 is connected to another brand of 4K TV, Ramirez said. The player is set to use the Toshiba up-scaling technology regardless if the television has similar capabilities. However, if the user wishes, the Toshiba up-scaling can be turned off by going into the devices settings.

Ramirez said including the up-scaling capability in the TVs and Blu-ray player is essential due to the initial dearth of 4K content that is available.

No additional information was given on the soundbar.

Toshiba’s retail plans include creating and making available a training app for sales associates, and the program will be supported by a wide-ranging media campaign, Ramirez said.