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Toshiba Ships Blu-ray Players

Wayne, N.J. –


Wednesday it is now shipping its BDX2500 and BDX2700 Blu-ray Disc players.

Both players allow access to online streaming content from
Netflix, Blockbuster On Demand, Vudu and Pandora Internet Radio, using either a
wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The BDX2500 ($179 suggested retail) requires an
optional adapter, and the BDX2700 ($249) includes built-in Wi-Fi capability.

 Both players playback HD
images in up to FullHD 1080p/24 fps resolution, built-in decoding of Dolby
TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential via analog 7.1 channel audio outputs
(or HDMI passthrough), and DVD up-conversion.

Both players also up convert standard DVDs to 1080p resolution
and can play home videos, photos, and music from a connected USB or SD/SDHC

 “The idea of home
entertainment now goes beyond being able to watch crisp, high-definition
video,” said Jodi Sally, marketing VP, digital A/V group. “With the BDX2500 and
BDX2700, we are providing consumers an extreme entertainment experience by
offering the ability to stream music and video from a multitude of choices.”

 Other features include
built-in Bonus View and BD-Live extra content access and have built-in decoding
for advanced audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master
Audio/Essential via analog 7.1 channel audio outputs or passthrough via an HDMI
interface for outboard decoding.

The players’ HDMI connection is HDMI-CEC compatible, which lets
users control both the Blu-ray player and most connected HDTVs with just one

Player cosmetics include a gloss-black finish with brushed-metallic
trim, and a blue LCD display. The BDX2700 includes metallic-trimmed foot
pedestals and a light-up Blu-ray logo for added distinction.