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Toshiba’s Marketing Change To Build ‘Synergy’

WAYNE, N.J. — Toshiba America Consumer
Products’ (TACP) realigned marketing
operations, merges the key TV
marketing and digital audio/video marketing
departments into a central marketing
department to “create increased
synergy, to better serve our retailers and
to more strongly position the brand,” the
company said.

Scott Ramirez, formerly TV marketing
VP, has been promoted to marketing VP
for all TACP products. He will now be responsible
for Toshiba’s marketing and
product planning for both TV and digital
audio/video products,
including LCD
combination units, and
DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Toshiba told TWICE
that “the realignment
creates a single, cohesive
strategy which gives Toshiba the ability
to product plan and promote in a more
complimentary manner, thereby taking
advantage of our strengths in multiple areas.
This approach will allow Toshiba to
continue to strengthen their position as a
Tier 1 brand.”

Although the company
would not comment
on specifics,
the logical benefits
of a unified operation
could be effective
coordination of joint
product promotions
such as TV and Blu-ray Disc player bundles,
which have been effectively leveraged
by both retailers and manufacturers
in recent years.

Toshiba said Ramirez’s “industry, retail, and sales and marketing experience
combined with his charismatic personality
make him the perfect choice to lead
Toshiba’s marketing team, and unify the
strategy and efforts.”

Ramirez has been with Toshiba
for more than 11 years, and also
acts as Toshiba’s representative to
the Consumer Electronics Association
(CEA) Video Board and other
key organizations.

Jodi Sally, digital audio/video marketing
VP, will continue in her role in the
new department, according to a company

Maria Repole, formerly corporate
communications assistant VP, has
been promoted to TACP communications
VP, assuming new responsibility
for all of Toshiba’s retail training
activities, in addition to maintaining her
current responsibilities for managing
Toshiba’s overall public relations and
publicity, advertising and corporate
branding, Web site and e-commerce
initiatives, corporate events (such as
International CES) and the creation of
collateral materials.

“Maria is well positioned to ensure
that Toshiba provides a clear and consistent
corporate and training message,”
the company said.

An 11-year veteran at Toshiba,
Repole is also active within the CEA
and Digital Entertainment Group organizations.