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Toshiba Debuts 42″, 47″ REGZA TVs At CEDIA

DENVER — Toshiba announced at CEDIA Expo the addition of a new Cinema Series Pro line of televisions earmarked for specialty A/V and custom installations. The first offerings will include two REGZA LCD TV models.

The two TVs — the 42W-inch 42LZ196 (shipping in September at a $3,399 suggested retail) and the 47LZ196 (shipping in September at a $4,599 suggested retail) — will be among the highest quality high-definition models in Toshiba’s line, the company said.

REGZA Cinema Series Pro models feature Toshiba’s latest PixelPure Hi-Bit 12-bit digital video processing with 4,096 levels of gradation for 16 times the gradation levels of standard 8-bit systems.

Also included are new CineSpeed LCD panels with response times of 8ms or less and a 176-degree viewing angle, the company said. The new ColorMaster Pro color management system provides hue, saturation and brightness control of six individual colors, plus three user-selectable colors.

A new Native Mode provides clean 1,080p pixel-for-pixel images without any scaling or overscanning.

“Cinema Series Pro is designed to set the new standard for premium HDTV,” said Scott Ramirez, Toshiba TV marketing VP. “Its spectacular 1,080p full HD picture quality is truly second to none, and the new high-gloss black cabinetry makes a bold statement in any room.”

Cinema Series Pro models include ATSC/QAM digital tuning, for reception of digital terrestrial broadcasts and in-the-clear QAM cable signals, and a CableCARD slot for reception of premium cable service without the need of a set-top box. Inputs include dual HDMI, and PC. The models also include Discrete IR codes with an IR pass-through port, and an IR Input port for system integration.

The included TV Guide On-Screen program guide is offered to simplify navigation of terrestrial and cable TV program offerings. Other features include HD Window POP, and Toshiba’s THINC RJ-45 network capability, allowing consumers to connect the TV to a PC to view their JPEG picture files, or listen to their MP3 audio files, using only the TV remote.

Cinema Series Pro models feature high-gloss black cabinetry, and SoundStrip speaker technology that enabling more compact cabinetry without sacrificing sound performance.