Top 100 CE Retailers’ Sales Hit $125 Billion


NEW YORK — It certainly wasn’t the best of times for CE retail last year — what with bankruptcies, restructurings, higher gas prices and the housing market meltdown — but it clearly wasn’t the worst either.

According to the latest TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers Report, prepared with market research partner The Stevenson Company, retail sales for the industry’s 100 largest dealers rose nearly 10 percent last year to $125.4 billion, outpacing 2006’s reported 7 percent growth.

How to account for the disconnect? For one thing, the economy didn’t catch up to many retailers until the fourth quarter, and even then categories like gaming, LCD TVs, portable navigation and notebook computers continued to generate revenue — although more of it tended to flow to discounters and online merchants, as the study shows.

The market share shifts reflect hefty gains by, among others, second-place Wal-Mart and fifth-place Target (up 23 percent and 24 percent, respectively, in sales), while’s 55.1 percent sales spike helped land it

           The Top 10
1. Best Buy $28.008 billion
2. Wal-Mart $17.120 billion
3. Circuit City $10.574 billion
4. Dell $7.088 billion
5. Target $6.384 billion
6. Costco Wholesale $4.914B
7. GameStop $4.262 billion
8. Apple Retail Stores $4.079B
9. RadioShack $3.904 billion
10.Sears $2.965 billion

at No. 12.

Besides ranking retailers by size, and dissecting sales by class of trade, the Top 100 also breaks out dealers’ merchandise mix by the core CE, IT and car electronics categories.


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