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TomTom Upgrades Go Live PNDs

Mass. – TomTom is making multiple upgrades available for its cellular-connected
Go Live portable navigation devices (PNDs).

 The upgrades are available via a PC download

consumers with active Live subscriptions.

upgrades include faster startup time, clearer speed-camera icons, and an
alternative route viewer, which gives drivers a bird’s eye view of faster
alternative routes when they become available, the company said. In addition,
when the PND is connected to the charging cable in a car, the PND will
automatically turn on and off with the car ignition.

  The company’s Go Live series of PNDs feature
lifetime map updates and embedded AT&T cellular modem, which receives
TomTom’s HD (High Density) Traffic service and a variety of other Go Live
services, including Yelp, Trip Advisor, Expedia and a Twitter connection
designed only to let users automatically send an estimated time of arrival to
other Twitter users.

The upgrade will also extend Yelp,
Trip Advisor, Expedia, and Twitter all Go Live devices beyond the 1535M.

Live services also
include Google Local
Search, fuel price updates and five-day weather forecasts.

 Go Live service costs $59.95/year, but a free 12-month
subscription is included with the purchase of a compatible PND.