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TiVo To Demo Network Cloud Applications

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Headed into the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) 2013, here, Tivo said Wednesday it will debut a prototype of a next-generation Cloud television offering, using new features delivered with a Network PVR.

The TiVo Network PVR will use TiVo’s Cloud service as “a natural extension of the TiVo solution.”

The company called the development “an important next step for operators as they consider a transition to IP-delivered content and utilization of low-cost IP clients and consumer-provided devices (tablets, smartphones and others) with an eye toward enhancing the user experience inside and outside of the home, which is becoming a critical component in the increasingly competitive video market.”

TiVo’s Network PVR extends the TiVo service and consistent user experience while enabling consumers to easily find, consume and socially share Cloud-delivered content through the TiVo user interface, the company said.

In addition to moving the Roamio (TiVo’s name for its newest PVR line) experience to the Cloud, TiVo would be enabling operators and programmers to manage complex content rights, create multiple tiers of network PVR features, and enable multiscreen policies that accelerate the critical transition to an all-IP video world, the company continued.

With the technology, operators deploying TiVo network PVR could offer a premium nPVR service with expanded catch-up and save options, TiVo pointed out.

The service would also empower programmers to more intelligently target advertising in Cloud-hosted time-shifted content.

TiVo said it also plans to enable new consumer features for co-viewing experiences through social networks and recommendations across disparate libraries of content.

This would enable, for example, TiVo’s nPVR service to allow viewers to share recorded programs with an authorized user who missed the show.

Joshua Danovitz, TiVo innovation VP, stated, “Operators are becoming more and more focused on the reducing capital expenditure while enhancing subscriber satisfaction across every screen inside and outside the home. TiVo’s network PVR could play an important role in this process as it would bring an experience, which has proven to improve customer satisfaction and operating metrics for global operators, fully to the Cloud.”