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The Times Are A-Changin’ At CEDIA

People looking for a change in technology will head inside the Indiana Convention Center, here, at CEDIA Expo to be held here, Sept. 9-11.

During the event, new brands will demonstrate their first distributed-audio electronics, many with status-quo-shattering systems that leverage the economies of Ethernet and IP technologies to send control signals, music or both over Ethernet networks. Some of these systems will be among the first to use wireless Ethernet to distribute audio.

Installers will also find more wireless touch screens, more hard-disk drives that store content for whole-house distribution, more satellite-radio tuners, more universal DVD-Audio/SACD players, and still more suppliers of flat speakers designed for use with flat-panel video displays. A greater selection of multizone receivers that simplify installation will also be displayed.

In video, select video-display suppliers will enter new display segments, and at least one new video-display brand will put in an appearance.

See p. 29-55 for a comprehensive review of the times that are a-changin.’