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Tick, tick, tick…

Don’t look now, but we’re less than 70 days away from CES 2016. You’re welcome (and I’m sorry).

So if you’re the procrastinating type, time to start thinking … about your booth, about your client list, about your dinner reservations and, most importantly, about how your product, your service, your technology can stand out at the world’s largest tech show.

For the TWICE team, CES season has been in full effect for at least a month now. As usual, we will be producing the Official CES Daily at the show, and the logistics and planning that go into that are a massive undertaking. And that’s where you come in.

Our mission at TWICE is to cover CES from every possible angle, every perspective, every category and point of view. CES is one of the coolest events on the calendar if you’re a techie, and we want to be your one-stop-shop for all things CES. We also want to help you get a leg up at the show.

To start, there is no better place to grab some attention for your brand or company than a mention in the Official CES Daily. As the Official Daily we are the only Daily publication actually distributed on the floor of the show. You can’t pass an entrance without a Daily being thrust upon you, and that’s the way we like it.

If you haven’t done so already, read the instructions below this column and submit your show news to the TWICE edit team. It’s free, easy and guaranteed to be noticed.

If you want to back that news up with some brand advertising, contact our publisher Ed Hecht.

If you have a an absolute kick-butt product and want to showcase its virtues, a nomination for a TWICE Picks Award is the way to go. Our editorial staff carefully considers each entry and weighs it against the backdrop of everything we see at CES. If we think your product has the right stuff, we name it a TWICE Pick, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that your product was recognized by the most knowledgeable staff of reporters in the field as a standout. For more details, check out

As we did last year, TWICE will again be hosting a socialmedia hub that curates all the relevant CES news, announcements, celebrity sightings, party scenes and social happenings in one convenient place, 24/7, in the weeks leading up to the show and straight on through to the weeks after the show. If it’s about CES and appears on social media, it will be on our page. Stay tuned for launch date and details.

Finally, if you want absolute up-to-the-minute CES breaking news, just launch in your browser and leave it up there for good. We will be updating in real time starting now, from keynote announcements and product previews, to must-attend events and all the rumors, fit and unfit, for print.

Sixty-five days and counting. My last piece of advice? Do what I did and break in your new walking shoes now.