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Thomson Shuffles Executive Positions

Paris – Thomson Multimedia announced a reshuffling of positions among some of its highest-ranking corporate officers, announced Thierry Breton, TMM chairman.

Frank E. Dangeard, TMM senior executive VP, was named vice chairman of the board of directors and Charles Dehelly, senior executive VP, was named chief operating officer, in charge of operations coordination.

Meanwhile, James Meyer, formerly the top-ranking U.S. executive with TMM, has resigned from his post as senior executive VP of the new digital media solutions group, but will stay on in Indianapolis as a salaried employee serving as a special advisor to Breton.

Replacing Meyer as senior executive VP of the digital media solutions group is Lanny Raimondo, who was promoted from executive VP of the group’s Technicolor unit.

As a result of these appointments, Thomson multimedia has five senior executive VPs.

Dangeard and Dehelly are based in Paris. Three are based in the United States: Al Arras (Audio, ATLINKS and Digital Media Technologies businesses) is based in Indianapolis; John Neville, (Patents and Licensing and New Media Services) is based in Lancaster, Pa., and Raimondo is based in Los Angeles.

All of the Executive Committee members continue to report directly to Thierry Breton.