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Techno Source Updates Kid Tablet Line With iPod Touch Competitor

New York — Techno Source has updated its Kurio kids tablet with three new models, including a 4-inch version it’s positioning against the iPod Touch.

Seven-inch and 10-inch tablet models will also be offered. All three have 8GB of internal storage and can be expanded up to 40GB via MicroSD card.  

Eric Levin, division head for Techno Source, told TWICE the Kurio 4s “is really the only true competitor for the iPod Touch,” which he noted is “almost every kid’s precursor to their phone.”

The company strongly promoted its customizable parental controls. All three Wi-Fi-enabled Kurio models allow parents to set up different user profiles — four for the 4s and eight for the 7s and 10s tablets — with each profile customizable for access to different apps and content.

New to the Kurio line is the ability for each user profile to access the specific level or score of each game, and this is facilitated because the devices have been upgraded to Android 4.2, Levin said. Now one user can access level 12 of ‘Angry Birds’ while a sibling can still only access level six, he explained.

The company has partnered with Disney and educational site Mr. Nussbaum to preload the devices with apps, games and educational content. Levin estimated each device will carry about $400 worth of preloaded content.   

Techno Source has also updated the parental controls and Internet safety features. The company keeps ongoing “whitelists” and “blacklists” of websites, and the devices now offer the ability to whitelist a site but still block any offensive advertisements.  

 Techno Source has also redesigned the Kurio Store so consumers can sort content by age, category and interest. Parents can set time limits and manage apps by profile.

The Kurio Touch 4s, which carries a $99.99 suggested retail, has a 4-inch multi-point touchscreen, dual-core processor, 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, 2.1-megapixel rear-facing camera, integrated mic, and six to eight hours of battery life.

More than 40 games and apps are included, as are child-sized ear buds.

The 7s is a 7-inch tablet with the same processor, cameras and battery life as the 4s. It also has a MiniHDMI connector and a protective bumper, and comes with more than 60 preloaded games, apps and e-books. Suggested retail is $149. The 4s and 7s will be available in August at Toys“R”Us  and elsewhere in September. 

The third model, the Kurio 10s, is a 10.1-inch model that will be sold exclusively through Toys“R”Us for $249 Toys“R”Us will have it exclusively through the end of the year “and then we’ll see what happens,” Levin said. It is similar to the 7s but upgrades to an IPS touchscreen, quad-core processor, and 2.1-megapixel front and rear cameras.

A full line of accessories will also be offered, including cases, chargers, screen protectors and ear buds.

Techno Source is a division of LF Products.