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TEAC To Enter HDTV Tuner Market

TEAC America will introduce an external HDTV tuner for notebook computers early next year, while near term the company’s first portable storage device was set to ship Dec. 1.

The HDTV tuner will be TEAC’s first venture into this product category, said Aris Gharapetian, TEAC’s marketing manager. The tuner will connect to the notebook via a USB cable. Pricing has not been finalized, but the device should carry a sub-$200 suggested retail price.

TEAC’s Multifunction Portable Storage Drive device is intended to give consumers a place to download images or music while on the go. The iPod-size product is based around a 2.5-inch 40GB hard drive and has a USB 2.0 port and flash memory card slots enabling users to quickly transfer data between devices and onto a computer. The drive features an LCD screen to track the downloading process. Gharapetian said it will carry a $165 price tag and be available through TEAC’s online and distribution.

The company has developed 80GB and 120GB versions of the drive, but there are no immediate plans to make these available, Gharapetian said.