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T-Mobile Targets Heavy Data Users

Bellevue, Wash. – T-Mobile
launched a new mobile broadband plan targeted to heavy users of wireless USB laptop
sticks and the carrier’s cellular-embedded tablets and netbooks.

These consumers get the option to
choose an overage-free 10GB mobile broadband plan. Although the plan doesn’t
charge for usage over 10GB, the carrier said it will reduce data speeds and
throughput if a customer exceeds 10GB of usage per month.

The new postpaid plan is available
at $84.99/month for customers who don’t have a T-Mobile phone. It’s $67.99/month
for consumers who have a T-Mobile phone.

One of two existing postpaid
broadband data plans cost $29.99 for 200MB of data, plus overage charges, for
customers without a T-Mobile phone and $23.99 for customers with a T-Mobile
phone. For consumers without a T-Mobile phone, a second plan costs $49.99 per
month for 5GB with no overage charges but with speeds that can be throttled
back when usage exceeds that amount. Customers with a phone pay only $39.99 per
month for the 5GB plan.