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T-Mobile, Apple In Agreement

Bonn, Germany — T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013, T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom announced.

T-Mobile, which is losing subscribers, is the only national carrier not offering the iPhone or iPad.

Deutsche Telekom didn’t say whether an iPhone or an iPad would be offered, but details of the agreement with Apple might be forthcoming today at Deutsche Telekom’s annual investors’ conference.

T-Mobile has said that more than 1 million unlocked iPhones access its 1.9GHz 2.5G EDGE network, but the carrier is migrating its HSPA+ service to the 1.9GHz band so that many of those unlock iPhones phones could access faster data speeds. T-Mobile also plans next year to launch 4G LTE service in the AWS band, enabling the iPhone 5 to access T-Mobile’s LTE network.