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Systemax Opens 16th CompUSA Store

Systemax has opened its 16th CompUSA store in Florida.

Loctated near Fort Lauderdale, it is the first CompUSA store to be built to the company’s new Retail 2.0 spec. The interactive platform links product displays to dedicated Web pages, allowing shoppers to glean detailed product information from dedicated computer terminals. Three other Florida stores, in Miami-Dadeland, Plantation and North Lake, were previously converted to Retail 2.0, and Systemax plans to retrofit the remaining 12 locations by years’ end.

[This outlet] “is the first CompUSA store to be Retail 2.0-enabled from day one, in the spirit of providing more South Florida computer and electronics shoppers with an in-store experience not available anywhere else,” said Gil Fiorentino, CEO of Systemax’s technology products group.