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Swissvoice Enters DECT 6.0

Chicago — Swissvoice is launching its first DECT 6.0 phone at AT&T’s flagship store, here, on July 26.

The ePure cordless DECT phone, which will also be available at, is being billed as a “functional piece of art.” Its design is meant to be ergonomic and reduce acoustic leaks, and includes such features as a backlit LCD display, 10 hours of talk time, an alarm, various ringtones and auto answer.

The ePure is a single-handset system, but a company spokesman told TWICE it will release a Twin unit later this month.

“If demand dictates, we will bring an additional handset to enable consumers to connect up to five handsets to the one base,” he said. “We also have an answer machine version available later this month as well.”

 Black, white and red versions of the ePure will be offered for $99, with two Swarovski Elements versions available exclusively at Chicago’s Michigan Avenue store for $999. 

The phones will also be available in Target beginning in October.