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Survey: Vonage Atop Primary VoIP Line Users

New York — A new survey of ChangeWave Alliance members showed that VoIP is successfully muscling in on the traditional landline network as a provider of “primary line” telephone service to consumers, and Vonage has been the beneficiary of VoIP’s ascendance.

According to ChangeWave, 14 percent of survey respondents reported using VoIP, up from 7 percent in September 2004 and 22 percent plan on using VoIP within the next year.

Of VoIP subscribers, half noted that they use it as their primary line or only home telephone service, ChangeWave said. Subscribers are also more satisfied with the service and are unlikely to switch providers, with only 17 percent of users eyeing a new provider.

Vonage is atop the heap among VoIP users, with 36 percent of VoIP subscribers reporting they use the service, up from 23 percent in September 2004. Other IP service providers fortune’s fell during the same period, with AT&T, 8×8 and “cable company” losing ground while Vonage advanced; however, 8×8 lead other providers among the 17 percent of VoIP subscribers looking to switch providers.

Among consumers planning to add VoIP to their homes, Vonage is their top choice while “cable company” places second.