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Survey Shows TV Buyers Waiting For The Super Bowl

Beloit, Wisc. – Retailers may find purchasers looking for big TV bargains in coming days, if results from a recent survey conducted by shopping services website FatWallet standup.

FatWallet, which offers links to current coupons, promotional offers and discounts from a variety of retailers, said its 2014 online TV buyer survey found 30 percent of respondents are planning to buy a new TV sometime in 2014 and approximately one third will probably make the purchase during the Super Bowl sales period.

FatWallet said the numbers translate to “one in every 10 Americans will buy a TV during Super Bowl sales.”

Some 32 percent of respondents said they would be most likely to buy a TV before the Super Bowl, followed by 25 percent for Black Friday, 8 percent for the holiday season, and 6 percent for    Cyber Monday. Another 18 percent cited sales throughout the year.

Among other findings: those planning a Super Bowl TV purchase, 46 percent of Boomers (age 50+) will buy TVs during the period; and 45 percent said price was most important purchasing factor.

Fifty five percent will spend less than $500 on a TV, while 14 percent are looking to spend less than $300, 34 percent are looking to spend between $500 and $699, and 32 percent are expect to spend $700 or more.

Picture quality was also important with 86 percent wanting 1080p/4K HD resolution.

Samsung (33 percent) was cited at the  most popular brand. Sony was second with 18 percent, LG was third with 16 percent and Vizio was fourth at 14 percent.

Despite price being the number one consideration, only 4 percent of respondents were willing to consider a budget TV brand in 2014.

The Super Bowl period proved to be the most popular period of the year in the study.

Top features ranked in importance were 1080p resolution (80 percent), and Smart TV (35 percent). Screen size was also significant with 45 percent planning to buy a mid-size TV (40 to 54 inches), while 31 percent said they are looking for a set 55 inches or larger.

Only 6 percent of respondents said they expect to buy an Ultra HD TV this year.