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San Francisco - A new consumer poll shows that one out of four shoppers are considering purchasing a new TV before the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, and 63 percent plan to spend more on the new set than their last.

Those are among the highlights of a recent consumer survey by, an online clearinghouse for CE shopping information. Its Television Super Bowl poll also revealed that more than half (53 percent) of consumers who do plan to buy a new TV want an LED-lit panel, and 59 percent would prefer to watch the big game on state-of-the-art TV equipment rather than experience it live from the stands.

A separate survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA) and BIGinsight puts the percentage of consumers who actually intend to buy a TV for Super Bowl at 5.1 percent, or 5.1 million shoppers, up from 4.5 million last year and 3.6 million in 2010.

"When it comes to the Super Bowl, consumers aren't fazed by an unstable economy," said Yung Trang, president and editor in chief of "They believe the best Super Bowl experience is at home, on a tricked-out TV system.  Consumers still want the latest and greatest products, featuring the newest technology, and they're more than willing to spend the money on items that boost their enjoyment of the game."

Indeed, the survey results indicate that 8 percent of consumers are regularly driven to buy TVs prior to the Super Bowl.  Of those who bought a TV last year for the game, 30 percent plan to buy another new TV for this year's Giants-Patriots contest, and 28 percent said they are considering a pre-Super Bowl purchase. Among those who didn't purchase a new TV for last year's Super Bowl last year, 7 percent plan to purchase one prior to Feb. 5, and 18 percent are thinking about it.

The survey also found that 72 percent of consumers believe the size of a TV impacts how positive the Super Bowl viewing experience is, and that of all features available for TVs, high resolution is the most important when watching football, according to 60 percent of respondents.

 "Bigger is better," said editor Jeff Haynes.  "The reason people are spending more is they are upgrading the size of their television. Consumers have moved from wanting televisions around 42 inches to now buying 46 inches to 55 inches. The TV has become the centerpiece of the American family room and the difference in just a few more inches is noticeable."

Shoppers are also increasingly choosing the online channel for their pre-Super Bowl TV purchases. According to the poll, 67 percent of those who plan to buy a new TV for the game expect to purchase it from an e-tail site, compared with the 66 percent who bought their last TV in a brick-and-mortar store.

Other survey results show that:

  •   the majority (32 percent) own TVs that are 1-2 year old;
  • the majority (40 percent) own a 40-inch to 49-inch TV;
  • the majority (38 percent) plan to spend $500 to $999 on their new TV; and
  • the majority (45 percent) own an LCD TV, followed by 20 percent with LED sets, 16 percent with plasma displays and 3 percent with 3DTVs. Fully 12 percent said they don't own an HDTV., which monitors street prices, said shoppers can expect to find deep discounts on TVs in the days leading up to Super Bowl. LG's 60-inch 60PV450 plasma was selling for a low $799 on Jan. 20, a price last seen on Black Friday, the website reported, while promotional prices for 40-inch LCD TVs have dropped 24 percent year over year from an average $589 to an average $446.

In addition, LG has launched a separate

3DTV Super Bowl promotion


Sharp and Best Buy

are offering special pricing on 60-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch LCD LEDs, and Panasonic has lowered the MAP of its opening price point 60-inch plasma display to $1,099.


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