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SunRocket Offers New International VoIP Plans

Vienna, Va. — VoIP provider SunRocket announced a new international calling plan today to compete with the growing array of low-cost and free services from VoIP rivals such as Vonage and Skype.

Called the SunRocket SunSpots Edition, the plan lets subscribers make unlimited calls to landline numbers in 41 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, countries in Europe and select cities in Latin America. Calls to mobile numbers are billed at per-minute rates by destination.

SunRocket, which structures most of its pricing by annual fees, instead of monthly like most providers, will offer the international service for $299 a year, which includes unlimited local and national calling in the United States and to Canada and Puerto Rico. The plan includes a number of features such as voicemail, E911 and the ability to port an existing telephone number.

For those who regularly call beyond the SunSpots coverage area, the company will offer the new SunRocket Global Edition for reaching other destinations such as India, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. The annual, all-inclusive $349 Global Edition provides a free-calling allowance of $20 every month towards international calling to anywhere in the world with unlimited calling in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

SunRocket’s standard plan offers unlimited calling in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada alongside a host of free calling features for $199 a year. There is also a monthly plan, with unlimited calling for $24.99, which includes voicemail and a free virtual number.