Sunfire Ready To Launch Compact 1,400-Watt Sub

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Carlsbad, Calif. - Sunfire plans May 4 shipments of a 1,400-watt powered subwoofer that delivers 106dB output from an enclosure that's only about 8 inches tall.

The $2,000-suggested Atmos incorporates microphone and equalization that automatically adjusts the subwoofer's response based on the acoustics of a room. Two Atmos subs can be connected via a single cable in a master/slave setup to further boost output.

The sub incorporates dual 6.5-inch woofers in a sealed, extruded-aluminum enclosure that's able to withstand backpressure up to 24.4 PSI, or almost two atmospheres of pressure, the company said. Such backpressure maintains cone linearity over a long-throw distance, allowing small drivers to move substantial amounts of air, the company explained.

The Atmos' amplifier uses proprietary Tracking Downconverter technology to deliver the voltage and current necessary to deliver the sub's high output, linearity, and frequency response of 30Hz to 100Hz. The sub also features line-level unbalanced inputs, line-level outputs with high-pass or full range switch, a 12-volt DC input for remote turn on.

The drivers use a proprietary asymmetrical-cardioid surround to deliver excursion up to 1.8 inches to deliver what the company called "superior linearity even at the furthest extension of the drivers."

Sunfire contended the sub outperforms many 10- to 12-inch subs.

Sunfire is a brand within the AVC Group, which also includes Niles Audio, Elan Home Systems and Xantech.


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