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Startup TiO Details First Wave Of Home-Control Products

Orlando, Fla. — Start-up home-automation and multi-room-audio brand TiO plans to ship its first products in August following its debut at the June 12-14 InfoComm 2013 show.

 The brand’s parent, Automated Control Technology Partners (ACTP), is headed by industry veteran Mike Anderson, formerly with at 3vNet and Russound.

 The introductory suite of Android-based products features Wi-Fi-based music streaming, multi-zone audio, wireless lighting and climate control. The products are controlled by Android tablets and by TiO touchscreens.

 A few months later, TiO plans to offer products to integrate TiO systems with third-party security, camera and entertainment subsystems.

 The brand’s products make it possible for installers to completely configure a home automation system in less than 20 minutes, including whole-house music, wireless lighting and climate control, the company said. It’s also designed to let users easily create their own single-room scenes, or presets, on their own. A single button press could change multiple room functions at one time, including a room’s lighting levels, temperature, music source and volume.  “In the past, making changes to automation systems was difficult and often required an integrator to visit the home,” said Anderson.

 The first round of products includes a $499 master coordinator (MC1) smart wireless access point, a dedicated Wi-Fi 802.11n WPS wireless router with featuring up to 450 feet of range. The $599 TiO StealthStream 1 (AZSS1) digital audio zone player features 100-watt amplifier, built-in music streamer and Bluetooth receiver. It can be installed in a single-gang enclosure in the wall and controlled via the TiO Home App on an Android tablet.  It features sensing optical input with auto switching, analog audio output, and 802.11n.

 Two TiO full-color touchscreens will also be available to control the zone player. They are the $799 TouchStream 4 (AZTS4), a 4-inch portrait touchscreen, and the $899 TouchStream 7 (AZTS7), a 7-inch landscape display. Both feature the same user-interface design as the TiOHome Android App, including full gesture-based control. Both TouchStream touchscreens can be installed in single-gang openings in the wall.

 TiO will also launch lighting control via the $249 TouchLite 4 (TL4) universal switch-dimmer with capacitive touch buttons and custom labeling. The TL4 is configurable from the TiOHome app to offer one-, two- or four-button control of incandescent, MLV, ELV, LED and fluorescent bulbs. The TL4 will also control switching motors, appliances or fans. The TL4 communicates to the TiO system via Wi-Fi and can also control other TiO subsystem.

 The $299 TiO ThermaTouch 1 (TT1) is a Wi-Fi based thermostat with full-color, 4.7-inch touchscreen that works with all industry-standard HVAC systems, including gas, electric and heat pumps. It also provides local-area weather information.