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Stampede Opens Center For Southern States

Amherst, N.Y. — Stampede Presentation Products has opened its fourth North American distribution center in Duluth, Ga., to serve Southeastern and Southwestern states.

The center will launch Stampede’s new end-user centric unified communications demonstration center and feature a new video conferencing technologies showroom. According to Stampede president and COO Kevin Kelly, the new center reflects the company’s commitment to keeping its extensive pro A/V inventory local to dealers.

Kelly said, “The center will also serve as our first unified communications demonstration center that will display the latest visual conferencing technologies available.”

In addition to the demo center and technologies showroom, the center will provide dealers with job site delivery, shipping and logistics, the company said.

The new Atlanta-area location is Stampede’s fourth center and is located at 1500 Boggs Road in Duluth. Other centers are located in Phoenix, Miami and Buffalo, N.Y. Development has already begun on new facilities that will soon open in the Western region of the United States.