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SSD Storage Shipments Slated On The Rise

El Segundo, Calif. – Solid state drive-based storage will account for about one-third of all PC storage by 2017, according to IHS iSuppli.

The SSD’s growth can be directly attributed to the expected increase in popularity of Ultrabooks and other ultrathin notebooks that is just now starting to take off, said Fang Zhang, IHS analyst for storage.

This increase will have 227 million SSDs shipping worldwide by 2017, up from the 31 million that shipped last year.

The SSDs will have a direct impact on traditional spinning platter hard drives as there shipment numbers decrease to 410 million from 475 million during this same period.

This change will give SSDs 36 percent of the market and HDDs 64 percent in 2017. Currently, SSDs hold 6 percent of the storage market.