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Spanish PSAs On DTV Transition Planned

Washington — Spanish-language satellite TV service DirecTV Mas and Spanish TV network V-me are supporting the digital television transition awareness raising effort by producing public service announcements (PSAs) in both Spanish and English for carriage by most satellite and cable TV services, in addition to public and commercial broadcasters.

V-me produced the 60-second PSA, which features award-winning actress Lupe Ontiveros, in both English and Spanish.

It is said to use “humor and straight talk to help viewers understand what the shift from analog to digital means, who is affected and what the options are, including the government-subsidized coupons that can be used to purchase converter boxes.”

The spot also directs viewers to the Web site for official information on preparing for the transition and registering for coupons. It also urges viewers to spread the word to friends and families.

V-me is carried by most cable and satellite TV services, including the DirecTV Mas Spanish-language programming service. DirecTV said the DTV transition awareness spot will be running across both DirecTV Mas and the core DirecTV platforms.

The new campaign was unveiled on Capitol Hill Wednesday to Latino community leaders, advocates and Congressional leaders.

“The digital transition is a very important issue, and V-me wants to make sure that the Hispanic community continues to be engaged and connected as the conversion takes place,” said Carmen M. DiRienzo, president, V-me. “We are proud to partner with DirecTV because they share our commitment to bringing the best quality information and entertainment to America’s Latino families.”

“One out of every five Hispanic homes are at risk of losing their local television signals after the transition, and DirecTV Mas is committed to making sure Latino households continue to have access to quality television and entertainment,” stated John de Armas, DirecTv World Direct VP. “DirecTV Mas and V-me have a shared mission to empower Spanish- speaking viewers and increase the general public’s awareness of the digital transition.”