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Soundmatters Goes Flat With One-Box Surround

Reno, Nev. — Soundmatters plans July shipments of its first one-box surround-sound system designed to complement flat-panel TVs, and two more models like it are planned for the fall.

The SLIMStage 40, $899 street price, is 3.3 inches by 39 inches by 3.4 inches in size, incorporates Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 decoders, offers 170-watt amplification and delivers bass response down to 45Hz, said marketing VP Lee Adams. It features three analog and three digital inputs and will be available in black or silver. A control optimizes the sweet spot for two nearfield seats or four seats farther away from the display.

The 40 is intended for 40-inch displays, and two models intended for the fall will be designed for 30- and 50-inch displays. None requires wall-bounce reflections to deliver the surround channels, Adams said.

Soundmatters sells direct to retailers and through custom distributors.

The company’s current two one-box surround systems are intended for TV-top or shelf-top placement. They can be paired with shoebox-size subwoofers engineered for horizontal placement under furniture or hung on walls.