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Sony Tape Packaging Goes 3-D – -November 13, 1996

Sony Recording Media and Energy Group is about to launch a new three-dimensional design for its CD-IT and CD-IT Pro blank audio cassette line.

The new packaging, due in stores by late November, features a 3-D image of a spinning CD on the front. The tapes use a two-toned color scheme & on an indigo blue base for CD-IT cassette, a black base for the CD-IT Pro tapes & to identify format and tape length. Each also carries a Sony digital S in the lower left-hand corner for consistent brand identification.

Bob Striano, senior sales and marketing VP for Sony RMEG, describes the new look as 3absolutely unique.² He says the packaging 3will focus our retail partners’ attention on our fast-growing Type II product line.²

Striano adds that in tests, 3consumers picked Sony’s new 3-D packaging six to one over its competitors.