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Sonic Emotion Debuts 3D Sound Bar

– Sonic Emotion, a provider of 3D sound technologies, demonstrated its first
product, the Coby 3D audio sound bar, which features its chip inside, Thursday at
its press conference.

It is the company’s second International CES but the first with
product to unveil, said Andy Macaluso, marketing and sales VP.

“Many people want five speakers, but it means having enough
space, hooking up the cables and the need for everything to be calibrated,” he said.
“And if you move out of the sweet spot, the sound is no good. With this
product, everyone in the room has the same sound experience.”

The technology behind the product is based on wave-field
synthesis. According to Sonic Emotion, real sound waves are reproduced creating
the illusion of sounds originating from all around – simply said, someone
wouldn’t hear sounds from the speakers – and eliminating the need for multiple
speaker and cable setups and limited listening zones.

The 60-watt Coby sound bar
will be available in March for $99.