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Sonance Readies In-Wall Cinema Subs

San Clemente, Calif. – Sonance is
replacing the in-wall subwoofers in its Cinema Series selection with new models
that deliver higher bass output and more bass extension than current models.

The two new models also feature
the micro-flange, low-profile design appearing in Visual Performance and Cinema
Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The design is promoted as providing a
clean, near-invisible appearance that doesn’t conflict with a room’s interior
design. The flange is only 0.2-inches-wide. The grille protrudes from a wall
less than many grilles on the market to appear less obtrusive, the company said.

The subs, which ship this month,
are the $700 10-inch 250-watt SUB10-250 and $1,000 12-inch 500-watt SUB12-500.
Their companion enclosures are priced, respectively, at $700 and $1,000. Each
sub is designed for use with a matching outboard Class D mono amp. A $700
250-watt amp is designed for the SUB10-250, and a $1,000 500-watt amp is
designed for the SUB12-500.

Each amp can drive two of the

The 10-inch sub extends response
down to 30Hz, and when used with its matching amp, produces 108dB SPLs at 1
meter. The SUB12-500 extends to 25Hz and produces 114dB at 1 meter with
matching amp. Their enclosures fit in standard 2×4 stud bays and come with a
blank pre-construction plate is included for easy installation.

To deliver the rated output from
a low-profile driver, Sonance turned in part to a 4-inch-diameter voice coil,
which is capable of handling continuously high levels of power, said chief
engineer Todd Ryan. The large voice coil also let Sonance place dual spiders
inside the voice coil to reduce depth and maximize the linear movement of each
sub’s laminated carbon fiber honeycomb woofer cone, he added.

The inside spiders also overcame
another drawback of shallow woofers, he said. “In most shallow woofers, due to
the short distance from the surround to the spider, the cones have a tendency
to rock. This rocking requires the use of a larger gap in the motor to reduce
the output of the driver,” he explained.

The outboard amps incorporate
speaker-level high-pass filters designed specifically to complement the sonic
characteristics of the drivers.

The subs’ enclosures are made from
of ½-inch and 1-inch MDF to isolate bass sounds and use extruded-aluminum
bracing to minimize airflow obstructions. Mass damping of the enclosures’ front
and back walls, combined with fiberglass internal damping, dissipate standing
waves, and a floating enclosure design minimizes vibration transfer to
adjoining rooms.

The products were shown in
prototype form at last year’s CEDIA Expo.