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Sonance Adds Soundbars, Small Custom Speakers

DENVER — Sonance parent Dana Innovations celebrated its 30th anniversary with the CEDIA Expo launch of small speakers in Sonance’s Architectural series of custom-installed speakers and the brand’s first two passive on-wall soundbars, which are three-channel three-way models.

The Architectural Series got small speakers that match the shape and size of new high-end “zero-sight-line,” flush-mounted in-ceiling downlights to deliver a consistent aesthetic, said Simon Wehr, marketing director for Sonance parent Dana Innovations. The Architectural series consists of speakers that lack bezels and feature grilles that are mounted flush to the plane of a wall or ceiling for a near-invisible look.

The small Architectural speakers consist of two two-way satellite speakers and their companion subwoofers. One satellite, the AS38SAT, consists of a 3.5-inch carbon-fiber and Rohacell woofer and a 0.75-inch ceramicdome tweeter behind a 4-inch round or square grille. The matching subwoofer uses a dual-voice-coil carbon-fiber and Rohacell 6.5-inch driver ported through a 4-inch round or square grille.

The series also adds a medium-size AS68SAT satellite consisting of a 6.5- inch version of the carbon-fiber/ Rohacell woofer paired with a 1-inch ceramicdome tweeter. The speaker fires through an 8-inch square or round grille. The matching subwoofer features an 8-inch dual-voice-coil carbon-fiber/Rohacell driver ported through the same-size grille.

Wehr recommends four satellites be paired with a sub.

The new Architectural speakers will ship toward the end of the first quarter, Pricing wasn’t announced.

The soundbars are Sonance’s first, “and we’ve done it a bit differently,” Wehr said. “They are both LCR designs and have exactly the same drivers and configuration. Their uniqueness comes from the fact that they are true three-way design and importantly, the width can be easily adjusted on site without any tools.”

The two models let installers match the width of any display between 50 inches and 80 inches (diagonal). The design eliminates the need for custom manufacturing and associated lead times, and it accommodates changes in the display specification or on the job site, the company said.

The soundbars are promoted as the world’s first true three-way passive soundbars. They incorporate six 4.5-inch Kevlar + Nomex laminated woofers and three coaxial drivers consisting of Kevlar + Nomex laminated midranges with powder- coated aluminum-dome tweeters.

Both VESA-compatible soundbars are less than 2.5 inches deep. They ship with all installation hardware for wallmount and tabletop installs.

The soundbars use technology developed for the brand’s latest-generation Visual Performance Series of low-profile, micro-trim in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

The smaller soundbar is targeted to retail for $1,700 to $2,000, and the larger one is targeted to retail for $2,000 to $2,200. They’re expected to ship in the first quarter.

Also at the Dana booth, Sonance showed its recently released next-generation Visual Performance series, consisting of more than 50 models, said to deliver better off-axis response, lower distortion at higher volumes, and deeper bass at higher SPLs.