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Snapily Offers 3D iPhone App


It didn’t take long, but 3D
photo taking has already made its way into
smartphones thanks to a new iPhone app
from online photo printing service Snapily.

The company’s 3D iPhone app software
runs on both iPhone and iPad iOS devices,
and yields “true stereoscopic 3D pictures,”
the company said.

The 3D image can also be viewed on the
phone’s LCD using a gyroscope mode that
requires rocking the phone back and forth
to see the different left and right eye angles.

Snapily will also sell lenticular 3D prints,
which can be ordered directly from the app
for $4 per print.

“3D is the future and we are already there
making it affordable for everyone to enjoy,”
the company said in announcing the product.
The price for the Snapily 3D iOS app is