Smartfish Shows ErgoMotion Mouse


LAS VEGAS - Smartfish Technologies will be demonstrating its ErgoMotion technology at the Venetian Tower 229 at International CES, along with its first product to incorporate the new technology.

The company bills ErgoMotion as the first design to combine the science of ergonomics with the technology of motion, resulting in a dramatic change and improvement in the way comfort is integrated into devices like mice and keyboards.

Smartfish said it worked with product design engineers and medical specialists to develop ErgoMotion, which aims to relieve discomfort and repetitive stress injuries (RSI) related to extended computer use.

ErgoMotion enables computer peripherals to automatically adjust to the user's natural hand and wrist positions throughout the day, providing a more comfortable, healthier and more enjoyable computer lifestyle, the company said.

"ErgoMotion is based on the concept that motion heals," said Dr. Jack Atzmon, president and CEO of Smartfish Technologies. "Up until this point, there has been no true solution for the inherent problem of discomfort and injury caused by repetitive use of computer input devices.  The mobile designs of our ErgoMotion products not only prevent discomfort and injury of hands and wrists but also provide for increased productivity and a better overall user experience."

The company's first product to use the ErgoMotion technology is the ErgoMotion Mouse. It's said to be the first laser mouse for the PC that features a patented swivel mechanism to promote a fluid movement, allowing the mouse to intuitively adapt to the user's hand position. ErgoMotion technology enables forward, backward and lateral pivots, creating a wave-like movement for the wrist every time the mouse is in use, said Smartfish.

Features include a sleek design with chrome detailing, left- and right-click, four-way scroll wheel and a discreet wireless USB plug-in. The mouse is compatible with Macs and PCs and has an ambidextrous design to accommodate both right- and left-handed users. 

Suggested retail is $49.99. It is currently available.


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