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Skype 3.0 To Offer File Sharing

Luxembourg — Skype’s latest version, announced last Friday, will offer a BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer file sharing option in its new “extras manager” feature.

The plug-in, developed by peer-to-peer software developer Pando Networks, will allow Skype users to transfer files and folders up to 1GB in size between other Skype users (including off-line contacts) and to subscribe to video RSS feeds from within Skype.

Skype’s “extras manager” feature, introduced with Version 3.0 for PCs, will be a platform for third-party software developers to add applications to Skype’s core services, the company said.

Skype also plans on announcing a worldwide pricing regime for its SkypeOut calling feature on January 18th. The plan will be available to users outside of North America.

American users can avail themselves to Skype’s recently announced annual calling plan, which offers unlimited SkypeOut calls for $29.95.