Skooba Adds Downsized Cable Organizer

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Rochester, N.Y. - Skooba Design has introduced a downsized version of its Cable Stable accessory organizer.

The new Cable Stable Mini is a smaller version of Skooba's original DLX model. It is a folio-style case with a dozen interior storage spaces, including neoprene pockets, hold-down straps and elastic loops designed to carry a basic assortment of power cords, adapters and other small accessories.

Cable Stable Mini

When loaded, it zips shut into a compact 9-inch by 5.5-inch by 1.5-inch book form factor. It weighs 5.6 ounces empty.

One side of the interior is a grid of elastic hold-down strips. The strips float freely under reinforced retention strips, so they can stretch and contract to accommodate cords, adapters and other accessories. On the other side are stretchy neoprene pockets for a phone, camera, or other small device, pen, and business or travel cards. Wasting no space, the center spine adds loops for batteries or USB thumb drives. The outside of the case has a carrying handle, along with a full-length zipper pocket.

"The Cable Stable offers a versatile and efficient alternative to a snake pit in the bottom of a laptop bag, or items stuffed haphazardly into random pockets or pouches," a company spokeswoman said, adding that the larger Cable Stable DLX has been one of its best-selling Skooba products for years, and it developed the new version in response to requests for a smaller, lower-capacity model.

The Cable Stable Mini is available now at a suggested retail price of $29.95, $10 less than the larger DLX version. Both are made of lightweight, water-repellant nylon twill.


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